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Marketing the Freelance Web Designer in You Effectively

Marketing the Freelance Web Designer in You Effectively

Freelance web designers are for some reasons in demand by many companies. They hone the skills and keep themselves updated. They need to compete with the best even to earn some work. They need to manage work and marketing. With right marketing freelancers can get the kind of work they are looking for. It cannot be denied that freelance designers need to be effective managers and coordinators apart from being top notch design talents.

There are many freelancing designers who try to work on their own and do not succeed. The main reason is the lack of marketing knowledge. Their marketing strategies are imperative to build a good profile. Companies will obviously prefer experienced and expert web designers. Here are some tips about how you can be a successful freelance designer.

Some of the best ways is below to market the freelance web designer in you.

Quality of work

Always ensure you deliver quality web designs as a freelance web designer. The quality of your work can help you in two ways. It can compel the client to continue working with you. It can also help you gain other customers through their reference.

Project an effective portfolio

Since you want to be projected as a good web designer freelancer, the best way to showcase your work is through your website. You should give in your best design for it and upload some of your best works in your portfolio. It would be great if you can get some good feedback from your clients that you can display on the website.

Market through social media

web designer freelance social network

Social media has been the place for business activities these days. Facebook, LnkedIn, and other such social media networks can be beneficial to gain new projects. When you communicate with people from different online communities, you get some recognition. This can lead to new projects.

Offline marketing

Offline marketing may seem old-fashioned but is necessary. There are many ways of offline marketing like advertising in print media, banners and posters, and many more.

It is good to attend seminars and workshops and actively participate to get noticed. It is also advisable to carry business cards to such occasions so that if you happen to meet someone who would like to build a relationship with you, it can be the best source of contact information.

As freelance web designer contribute in forums

There are many forums that talk about the issues in web designing or some technical tools. You can be an active participant in such forums. Discussing about some solutions and casually mentioning about how you have solved it in a recent project can impress potential clients.

Get featured

These days, many clients wish to establish work relationship with reliable designers. Getting featured in some popular online or offline magazines enhances the trust. If work is appreciated by recognized agencies, clients will be happier to award you their most coveted projects.

The key to marketing your talent is to make your presence felt in maximum places possible. It is also important to make a positive impression in such public places. Any harm to your reputation can cause tremendous loss to your future. So market yourself cautiously and tactically.

John Abraham, working as an experienced freelancing web designer Cochin at He also written several articles about WordPress and eCommerce web design and development.

Freelance Web Designers Kerala: How to Pick the Best

Freelance Web Designers Kerala: How to Pick the Best

Any individual or business planning to go online requires a website to market their services. Since they are new in the field they need to consider the services of an affordable yet professional web designer to construct their website. There are two options in front of the customer either a web designing company or a freelance web designer. The freelance Kerala designers are more affordable than a web designing firm for the simple reason the overheads are lesser. Freelancers are flexible in their approach and not bound by any office timings.

What to look for in a freelancer?

While shortlisting the freelance web designers Kerala consider their

  • Credentials: are they professionally skilled? What are their qualifications?
  • Experience: Have they built a website on their own previously for clients.
  • Technology: Do they have knowledge and do they adopt the latest technologies.
  • Testimonials: Check referrals and reviews from past customers.
  • Capability: Are they capable of building any type of website
  • Pricing: How expensive are they in comparison to the market rates.
  • Payment terms: How much advance has to be paid?
  • Services: What additional services will they offer? New websites require a domain name, content contributions, technical support, CMS, updates and upgrades.

Hire a professional:

website designers in kerala

Freelancers may or may not take up a job. They will not try to jump at every offer unless and until they are sure they will deliver it on time with quality. The website designers in Kerala generally work from home or an internet café. They are their own bosses and so have the authority to choose what they want to work on. When they take up a job they look to finish it within the deadlines so that they are free for new projects. They are up-to-date on the latest technology being used and work in coordination with other professionals in graphic designing, programming, coding, web design software tools internet marketing techniques to ensure the work is not delayed.

No location restrictions with freelance web designers Kerala:

Improved technology has made it possible for two people to chat without the need of meeting in person. So there is no hard and fast rule that a business has to consider a web designer from their city only. The freelancer Kerala web designer takes up work from any location or in fact from any country. They have several communication channels available.


Website designers in Kerala love their jobs in the sense they enjoy what they are doing. They would not mind going a step ahead and doing jobs which are not of their concern if it helps in the web design project they are working on. They consider themselves as partners till the job is completed. They care about what they do and will not ask for their final payment till the client is satisfied with the website and it works smoothly.

The writer of the article is a professional and one of the best freelance web designers Kerala, working as a creative graphic designer too.